ET Electronic Pest Repeller
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l About us | Contact | Pest Control Links | Home | | and our ET Pest Control device is dedicated to repelling pest problems within homes, and businesses. We are committed to delivering premium levels of service to customers that have purchased the ET  Pest Control in order to help them achieve a pest free life. Which ever way you purchased from one of our many friendly retailers, we want to help you with any issue regarding instruction/set up, proper settings, helpful ET techniques, and even point you in the right direction if a return had to come about. Contact us here or call: 480-319-4660

ET Pest Control Dedication 
- Offering online detailed instructions on how/where to place the ET Pest Control within your home/business.
- Phone Service to help explain how the ET Pest Control works.
- 24 hour E-mail Service to help answer any questions you may have regarding your ET Pest Control.

About ET Pest Control 
 ET Pest Control utilizes wonderful techniques that targets pests with High Impact results. The ET Pest Control product focuses on repelling pests by using High Impact Ultrasonic Sounds, Electromagnetic  Deep Inner Wall Repelling, Direct Targeting with Sound Confusion, and Twin Scanning Technology. All this this adds up to environmentally safe pest control that is 100% safe to use around cats, dogs, birds, humans, computers, wireless phones and most any type of appliance/electronics you can think of. 


ET Electronic Pest Repeller

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